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District Information

The Southshore Metropolitan District (formerly Southshore Metropolitan District No.2) is an operating and taxing district.


Borrowed funds are used to finance construction of infrastructure such as roads, parks, ponds as dictated by our service agreement.  The district collects ad valorem property taxes to repay the debt and interest.


Southshore residents have served on the Board since 2016 and have had a majority of seats since May 2020.

Board of Directors

Ryan Zent, President - Term Ends May 2027

Kevin Stadler, Vice President - Term Ends May 2027

Jeff Bergeon,  Vice President - Term Ends May 2027


Kevin Chan, Vice President - Term Ends May 2025​​


Colette Palmer, Vice President - Term Ends May 2025


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Board Meetings

Meetings are held the second Tuesday of every month at 6pm MST

Currently, meetings are remote via Zoom

2024 Meeting Dates

     January 9                            July 9

     February 13                        August 13

     March 12                             September 10

     April 9                                  October 8

     May 14                                 November 12

     June 11                                December 10

Southshore Metro District No.1 has been dissolved.  To learn more click here.

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